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Through its intensive experience in the field of rural electrification and strong expertise in the field related to the decentralized energy production and distribution of electricity IED has developed a set of powerful and user-friendly tools destinated to its customers.

In a sustainable approach and to improve technology transfer and know how fo local partners, these tools offers:

  •     Customize planning studies and forecast demand
  •      studies replicate and spread to other
  •      Update the results from past studies
  •      Master  technologies related to rural electrification without being an expert in all areas

 is a tool dedicated to decision support for planning rural electrification  aimed at decision-makers and planners. It aims at preparing ruralelectrification scenarios including grid extension projects, decentralized energy projects (Hydro, biomass and PV/ Wind hybrid mini grids) and distributed energy programmes.... 


DEMAND ANALYST© is an specialized tool for forecasting village or clsuter of village demand. By its "bottom-up" approach the model allows to predict reliable demand in the medium and long term. It can be used for both planning studies and feasibility studies. The tool is fully compatible with GEOSIM©software.

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