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The software GEOSIM (c) has been used in many different contexts and environments to meet the specific needs of local, regional or national studies (Master Plan, national flyers ...). Some significant references among projects that have used GEOSIM:

 Prospectus of the National Electrification Programme in Tanzania (2012-2013)

NORAD funded project aiming to define the country's energy policy and plan for future investments in the energy sector. GEOSIM helped provide the needs of network and decentralized extension term projects (biomass, minihydro ..) throughout the country. Geosim simulated grid extension for the 2013-2020 period evaluating related investment needs.

 Plan integrated regional electrification and capacity building (2011-2013)

Preparation of rural electrification and investment plans for six regions in Tanzania (including network expansion options and decentralized mini-grid) with capacity of national institutions in terms of planning (EU funding)

- Extension of the network connection with SBEE 105 localities (2010-2013)

Planning to connect communities in order to optimize costs and improve the socio-economic impact (Financing GIZ-AFD)

 Electrification Master plan of Cambodia (2009-2010)

Preparation of regional plans for electrification throughout the country and capacity building at the Ministry of Energy of Cambodia (French Government Funding)

 Regional Programming electrification in Burkina Faso (2005-2008)

Preparation of an investment plan identifying decentralized projects / renewable energy and planning expansion of the national network (project MEPRED)

 Rural Electrification Plans for two regions in Laos and Cambodia (2006-2007)

Strengthening the capacity of institutions in charge of the energy of two countries and preparation of electrification to scale up a pilot region

  Rural Electrification Master Plan in Ethiopia (2005-2007)

Identification of the off-grid area and preparation of master plan for rural electrification of the whole country

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